Fueling and Refueling for Workouts.

So I was invited to KEYE this week for my 2 cents in fueling properly for your workout. I thought the segment went great and I wanted to blog about the highlights.

Pre Workout:

– You need a healthy carbohydrate such as berries, dried fruit, or even a banana

– Your body will use the carbohydrate best if it’s combined with a little protein and fat. This is why shakes are so easy and convenient. Coconut milk, whey protein, and some fruit in a shake is awesome.

– Eat about 45-60min before your workout

Post Workout:

– Protein is necessary within 45min. Your body will eat it’s own muscle and calcium!

– Shake is good again, but it’s best to only do one shake/day, you need real food.

– Get yourself a protein (meat), a healthy carbohydrate (veggie), and a fat (avocado, nuts, or olive oil)

How to pick a good Protein?

– Grass fed Whey is best for recovery. It contains all the appropriate amino acids you need to recover. Grass fed is the purest most organic option for shakes.

– Temperature controlled. You don’t want a protein that was heated, cooled, heated, then shipped in the heat, then cooled, etc. It messes the molecular structure and can turn some of the ingredients into harmful inflammatory products.

– Make sure you can understand most of what’s in the ingredients. The fewer, the better.

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