I wanted to post a few tips about Cardio. Many people forget how awesome it is for you.

The heart and lungs are muscles, you must give it adequate exercise. Enjoy!

Benefits of Cardio Exercise (ACSM)

Health Benefits:

Reduction in blood pressure

Increased HDL cholesterol

Decreased total cholesterol

Decreased body fat stores

Increased aerobic work capacity

Decreased clinical symptoms of anxiety, tension and depression

Reduction in glucose-stimulated insulin secretion (diabetes prevention)

Increased heart function

Reduction in mortality in post myocardial infarction patients

Prevention of type 2 diabetes

Adaptive physiologic responses:

Increased lactate threshold (burn more fat)

Decreased resting heart rate

Increased heart volume

Increased resting and maximum stroke volume

Increased maximum cardiac output

Increased maximum oxygen consumption

(Burn more fat)

Increased insulin sensitivity

Decreased incidence in some cancers

Decreased anxiety and depression

Increased mobilization and utilization of fat

Increased ling diffusion capacity

Increased maximal ventilation

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