Positive Thought…

Hi everyone.

Today was a good day, I woke up with all 4 limbs, my heart didn’t skip a beat, and my family and friends are alive and well.

Sometimes I forget that life is a gift and everyday is an undeserved blessing.

Fitness advocates like yourself and fitness professionals like myself can sometimes take that burning passion into an extreme. At times I think everything can be solved with diet and exercise, and when fitness is bad, life is bad.

Fitness is not a religion although I may take it that far every now and then, as maybe some of you do too.

I leave you with this:

1.) Don’t compare yourself to others. Your most “fit” state, may not look like that magazine cover. Be happy with it. Your body is your body.

2.) Balance your life with God, family, friends, and a sprinkle of exercise and quality nutrition all over.

3.) Be thankful for the little things.
Have a great weekend!

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