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I’m on my 7th year of being a personal trainer. I just got married last June, I have a chubby Labrador, and 2 cats. I love health and fitness, going to church, and exercising my creative itch with music and oil painting.

Although I was pre-med for 2 years, I graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a B.S. Kinesiology degree. I loved personal training and I started at Lifetime Fitness as my first personal training occupation. During that journey I was in nursing school for about a year. After many struggles, tears, and prayer, I decided to take a risk at starting my own personal training company.

I started out with 2 clients, a set of dumb bells, and a leap of faith training at the city park. I was doing roofing and other construction jobs on the side to make ends meet (oh and I had to live with my mom for a bit… yay). I landed my first corporate lead at The American Heart Association where I trained a group of ladies after work. One of the ladies lived in an area in Austin called, the Domain. The Domain is a large retail, residence, business, and shopping property.  I began training her and some friends at her gym.

The Domain was fresh and construction was everywhere. Something told me to keep my eye out for newly opened business. I saw a new residence being developed. I walked into the leasing office as soon as I saw it and let them know about my training services and asked if they had a need in that department. God put me there at the right moment because they were looking for an “exclusive” trainer. Done.

So I ran the facility like it was my own. I came and went as I pleased and trained residents and non-residents. I had no business plan and I was just doing whatever I wanted. I decided to take things a little more seriously and hired an assistant, Claire Donahoe.

At first, Claire was “a handful”. We sat down and she looked at me and said, “Give me another chance.” The best business decision I made so far.

I stepped up Claire’s responsibilities as the lead trainer and I began to learn how to become an entrepreneur. I started giving anyone and everyone interested free sessions. I established a “method” of training that is unique to us. I hired a public relations person, a branding consultant, a graphic designer,  web developer, CPA, book-keeper, lawyer, and now my wonderful wife is joining the team . I am skipping through MANY mistakes, challenges, and hardships. Trial and error, process of elimination, etc. was extremely abundant.

Today, I am an ambassador with lululemon athletica, we have appeared on 5 news segments for local fitness news, I have multiple prestigious certifications, we have 3 corporate clients, about 25 personal clients, 4 trainers, a wonderful fitness/gospel class that I host at our church, and I am optimistic about the future.

FX Fitness (which was Functional Fitness for 3 years) is a personal training and fitness development company.

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