Eating and Nutrition. Stay Positive.

Did you know that humans are the only animals that can eat when they are still full? Well, for the exception of domesticated animals, it’s true. This is because we tie eating with emotions. I bring this up because all my clients, and myself, can do better with the daily diet. So before you eat something make sure it’s because you are hungry, not stressed, upset, or happy.

Try to stay on the schedule: 4-6 smaller meals a day; breakfast-snack-lunch-snack-dinner.

If your goal is weight loss, muscle toning, or just the healthy way of life, this program and any program is about making healthy decisions everyday.  You just have to. When you start slipping it creates a habit, so create good habits.

Salt! It is bad. Salt attracts water and therefore increase blood pressure, but cosmetically it causes bloating. Low sodium in your diet is awesome and honestly, there is no need for table salt in your house. Use herbs and spices. Things like cumin, cilantro, lime, oregano, ginger, nutmeg, pepper, garlic, and cinnamon are great for you and taste amazing.

It’s easy to get off track, but play the number game. So, your friends want to go out and have pizza and beer to celebrate and you have some extra calories that night. That’s fine, but don’t start a snowball effect and take the rest of the week off because you want to start fresh on Monday! Instead, run an extra mile or cut some calories the next day, now you are back on track.

Try not to skip meals because most of us are used to getting so many calories a day, if you skip, you over eat; you store excess calories as fat. Stick to your schedule. If you are a cooker, chew gum, this way you avoid snacking. If you snack at night, brush your teeth early; food does not taste very appealing after toothpaste.


In my experience as a personal trainer I have come to the conclusion that negativity is your worst enemy. If you doubt yourself in anyway at anytime, you will not meet your goal. Your heart has to be in it.

Example, I had a 65-year-old lady that wanted weight loss. I trained her for almost a year and the first 6 months were very unproductive. It took me that long to realize she hated her self-image. She thought she was ugly and pretty much gave up on the idea of physically changing. I started doing cardio with her every session and used that time for her just to vent about frustrations and for me to give her the positive feedback she deserved. Once we established that she needed to make attitude changes, we started really making progress.

6 months later, she told me she was the healthiest she had ever felt. She could roll on the floor and play with her granddaughter and fit into old clothes.

That day really changed my perspective on training. If you really want to commit and meet your goals, it’s not easy. You have to get your mind right and plan everyday to make healthy decisions. Stay positive. I know it’s cliché and sounds cheesy, but it’s very true.


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