The Success Principles

The Success Principles

I recently read Jack Canfield’s book on the success principles. It’s highly motivating towards any challenge you are currently partaking. Weight loss, endurance, and diet are examples. I want to take this opportunity to highlight some important themes in his book because I honestly feel that they are legitimate for success, especially fitness.

You must take 100% responsibility of your life. Wherever you are whether it’s weight, income, or attitude, it’s all you. You can’t blame anyone or anything. I truly believe that you can’t make the next step into success unless you come to terms with that.

Decide what you want, believe in you, and stay positive. If you don’t have a goal that is important to you, you better make one! Make it emotional and make it real. Then believe you can make it happen because guess what… you can!

Become an inverse paranoid. I know everyone is confused with this, but it is awesome! What is a paranoid person? It is someone who thinks everyone is out to do them harm. An inverse paranoid is the opposite. If you live everyday thinking that everyone is out to treat you well and do you good, can you imagine what kind of day you will have? Please, please try it.

ASK QUESTIONS! This is one that I need to work on myself. There are many successful people around you, people that have achieved what you want to achieve. Maybe weight loss or energy. Ask them about it. How do they do it? Find out.

Get feedback and use it. If you don’t see yourself reaching your fitness goals ask your family and friends what they observe you doing. Ask me. Get feedback because sometimes we get lost in our own worlds, I am a victim of that for sure.


From the bottom of my heart I care about all my clients. You guys are my friends but more importantly, you trust me with you health, and that is very real. I do my best to accommodate, motivate, and dictate all what it takes to get you to your goals, but reality is, if you don’t make the decision for yourself, it’s never going to happen. No more excuses. If you want to meet your fitness goal, make it happen. Do what it takes. Put in that 10th hour. Worried about family time? Exercising will allow you to live longer. You are earning extra time.

I know work and life can get the best of you but don’t let minor things effect you in major ways. Life is too short. The quality of life truly is a reflection of your emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being.

Sometimes exercise and diet are not enough. Sometimes you need to pray, meditate; find a baseline of what drives you. Find your happy thought.  If you have that, nothing else matters, everything else is a bonus. Having a relationship with God makes all things possible, even fitness goals. I know it sounds funny, but its true. Pray about it, I certainly do. Your body is a temple; you best take care of it!

If you don’t believe in God, please don’t be offended or turned off by me. Spirituality is important. All I’m saying is that good health, is having your spirit, your emotion, and your body ultimately sound.

– Shawn

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