Let’s get real!

Hello friends, family, and clients. So, why do you workout? Is it to have nice biceps or a sexy stomach to show off in a bikini? If so, how long do you think this superficial “motivation” will last? Once we get to a certain age, these motives will become less motivating, at least they should.

When I get a starting client, one of the first things to accomplish is finding their motivation. So you want to lose 20lbs, so you want to run a marathon, so you want to do a pull-up… why? It’s important to have a reason, beyond yourself, that motivates you. When things get hard, because they always do, you need something to fall back on. Is it your spiritual faith, your spouse, your kids, your career?

In my 7 years or so of being a personal trainer, I have developed a slight “trainer intuition”.  I don’t judge or label. It’s a simple observation of pattern. When I get a fresh client that is interested in embarking on a fitness  journey with me, I have a 99% prediction if this client will make it or won’t make it through the first 3 months. It’s all found in the initial consultation we have.

One of the first discussions we have are what their fitness goals are and why they are important to them. If they take this part seriously, most of the time they surprise themselves with an amazing transition into a lifestyle of fitness. If they don’t, I usually spend a good month with them and never hear from them again. Now, just because this is the pattern, does not mean that I write them off once a client decides to stop training.

I care/love everyone that I work with. When a personal trainer gets a client, it’s an emotional investment on both the client and the trainer. Good trainers should connect with the client on 5 levels. Psychological, Nutrition, Flexibility, Strength, and Cardiovascular. A client can’t be successful if all 5 are not communicated 100% of the time.

So in conclusion, why do you workout?


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  1. I feel better all around – physical, mental, emotional, energy – when I do!


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