“Why did you decide to be a Personal Trainer?”

Some asked me this recently, and I might as well blog about it ; )

“Are you hungry mijo?” said my grandma, most of my life. She was an amazing woman. All she did was love us with Jesus and food. She constantly prayed for us and constantly cooked for us. My grandmother, the woman that impacted my life the most, died a few years ago from cancer, diabetes, and many other health misfortunes.

My grandmother’s death followed my grandfathers death, which was also induced by cancer. My grandparents were very overweight and very sedentary people and did not have a structure in their diet. They ate when they were hungry and they were active when life asked them to be active.

My grandmother’s death sparked my interest in health more than before. I was determined to be a doctor, a doctor that would beat cancer. I went to college pre-med and for two years tried to ignore this voice in the back of my mind that said, “This just does not feel right, does it?”

One night while studying at the library at 1am, I closed my organic chemistry book and said, “I can’t do this anymore, there has to be something better for me.”

I went to the counselor the next day and asked, “I want to help people, but I want to address their health immediately. I want hands on, direct involvement in making their bodies better.”

“Have you considered Kinesiology?” she asked. She handed me a pamphlet of the prerequisites and the description of what Kinesiology was. I grew misty eyed and felt this happiness and passion come over me. I could help people by teaching them how to stay out of the hospital as opposed to helping those that were already in the hospital.

I graduated with a Kinesiology degree in Health Promotion and Fitness. I became a personal trainer and seven years later, I still am. I have learned so much about the perspective on health from many cultures, including Hispanics. I have learned so much about the imbalances of income distribution and the connection with minorities in that dilemma. I have come to many conclusions and many solutions, but they may just be ideas that people can read about one day. My passion is to change the community from the inside out, with one healthy client as a time.

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