The Food Battle


The topic of “food”… what a loaded word. It’s so overloaded that I’m actually nervous writing about it, even as a personal trainer and the owner of a fitness company. Let’s get real though, in America at least, this is a touchy subject to talk about. Why? Well I can come up with 2 hot reasons.

What’s Right?

The Atkins, The South Beach, The Mediterranean, Weight Watchers, Paleo, Vegetarian… the lists are infinite and the most confusing part is they all promise to be “the best” and “the only way to eat”. Furthermore, all of these “diets” support each other in some ways and completely bash each other in other ways. Of course this is confusing.

My Opinion… I believe that everyone responds to food the way their body genetically and socially is designed to respond. It’s a waste of time to compare your body with someone else. It doesn’t work like that. Just because you eat exactly how someone else is eating, doesn’t mean you will look exactly like him or her. Everyone has to find out for themselves what works and what doesn’t. It’s a long process of elimination, but once you figure it out, guess what?! You are set for life.

Application… Give yourself a 30-day challenge of eating “real” food. Just eat what grows on trees, what grows from the ground, what runs on land, and what is fished from the sea. If you miss certain foods, reintroduce them into your eating and see how your body responds. If it’s a negative response, maybe your body doesn’t like it. Eating organic, local, and GMO-free foods are a great way to ensure you are eating “real” food.

The Quality of Regular Food Sucks

I won’t get into this too much, but the fact is food isn’t what it was 20 years ago. There are more people in this world and to keep up with demand, agriculture has been forced to be more efficient. Our foods are genetically modified to grow quicker, bigger, and taste better. The foods that are easiest to produce are modified the most.

My Opinion… Food isn’t what it should be, but I also believe that we shouldn’t have to bend over backwards 24/7 to try to avoid American culture. Life is about balance and moderation.

Application… Educate yourself and before you put food in your mouth, ask yourself:

  • “Is this the best decision I can make with my current options?”
  • “Why am I eating this?”

If your answers are positive, go for it! If your answers are questionable, maybe you are convicted and you need to consider another option.

Food exists for survival and to be enjoyed, but it can also become an idol. Being educated on the Ying and the Yang, living in balance, and making “good” decisions can be great armor to win the “Food Battle”.

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