The Missing Ingredient…



Hello FXfit’ers and followers. I hope you are well and have been practicing self-discipline in your fitness realm. I struggled with what “advice” to offer this month. Past newsletters have offered great fitness tips and nutrition guidance. This month I wanted to try out a piece of guidance that we can all consider… motivation!

I am no philosopher and in no way does FXfit strive to be a self-glorifying company, but I am excited to share some important points… let’s go for 3 so we can practice simplicity.

  • Humility: Many things come to mind with this term, but what I am referring to, is the understanding and the respecting of one’s own limitations. This can be taken to all avenues of life. We are all different and we all have varying capabilities. In terms of fitness, know where you are strong and know where you are weak. Maintain your strengths and be open to improve your weaknesses.
  • Servitude: This word is more than likely making you fidget in your seat a bit. Really, this word should inspire you because the meaning has everything to do with NOT YOU. Serving others can be an amazing and driving tool. Be fit for reasons beyond yourself… God, family, friends.
  • Leadership: Leading with authority does not take power. It does not take money or riches. I see leadership as the ability to influence people. What better way to lead people than to live the example you are trying to set? Be a leader, be the example, be in the front and not in the back.

These values or disciplines are things that I try to live by everyday. I take this into being a husband, a father, a CEO, and a fitness professional. My main purpose to live this way is because I have a mentor that I pray to everyday that was a pro at such skills. This is my motivation and I hope it kept you reading.

What are your motives?

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