Trial or Consequence?


James MacDonald is a wonderful Christian writer and speaker. I was inspired by a recent blog post shared to me by my wonderful wife. I encourage you to check it out. Click Here.

James has a great point. If you are experiencing a struggle, is it a trial from a greater reason beyond our comprehension or is it a consequence of a behavior that had false motives? As a business owner, I experience this question 24/7. Am I leading my trainers well? Are my motives pure or selfish? Is my success or lack of success within the company a trial or a consequence? As a father and husband, am I leading my family? Am I selfish with my time, with my work? Constant prayer and reading in the Word are my default actions… most of the time. I remember that I am grateful for all and any because God’s gifts put man’s best dreams to shame – Elizabeth B. Browning.

“Alright Shawn, wrap this philosophical mumbo-jumbo up and get to the earthly point!” Well… I carry this into fitness. Do you struggle with weight loss? Do you struggle with obsession over exercise? Is this a trial or is this a consequence?

I see a trial in achieving your fitness goals as personal growth. Losing weight, gaining muscle, and running a marathon are challenging achievements. The “challenge” may be a trial of you over coming an obsession in overabundance, control, or comfort. Learn from this trial, over come it, and be successful.

I see a consequence of your fitness goal struggle as a slap on the wrist. If you are at a fitness level you are not happy with, remember one thing… most of you put yourself right where you are. Being out of shape is a consequence of neglect, overabundance, or narrow perspective. The great news is that it is reversible! Turn your consequence into a new trial, overcome, be great, and live the truth.

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