More than Fitness

Hello FXfit friends, family, and followers.

Austin, TX is a place to be fit. It’s easy to get self-absorbed in your own fitness goals and your own mission for your own glory. At least,  I’m guilty of it. It’s easy for me to get lost in my bubble of problems and focus on a path that makes Me better. The past couple of months I have focused on doing the opposite and life seems to make a lot more sense.

Below you will find a picture of 35 young athletes from East Austin that just completed a Free Volleyball Clinic sponsored by FXfit. I’m not writing about this to say, “look what I did!”, but to show our followers how fitness is so much more.

East Austin, specifically the St. Johns area is one of the most broken parts of Austin. Filled with drugs, prostitution, teen pregnancy, abuse, and neglect. Our decision to partner with Total City Sports was due to the fact that they are focusing on caring and loving this part of Austin in hopes to restore it into a healthier community. If someone is doing something great, help them do more.

Since 2009, Total City Sports has been on a mission to develop premier athletes and leaders in Central and East Austin. Through mentoring, tutoring, camps, clinics, and competitive club teams, TCS is contributing to the steady improvement of athletes, schools, and communities in Austin.

Less than 25% of TCS budget is funded through athlete participation fees, the rest is from contribution. This creates opportunity for these young athletes. I want to do my part to recognize this great fitness company as well as there mission, vision, and purpose. Please support TCS.

Fitness is far more than nice abs or running a 5K. Fitness is a tool and a vehicle that connects us to each other in wonderful ways.

Thanks for reading! Keep eating clean and training dirty.

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