I Stopped Trying to be Fat.


We all have our seasons of “fit” and our seasons of “fat”. For me, the decision between the two was… “trying to be fat”. There is a lot of fitness information out there, much of it is good. The sad fact is that sometimes people (them) make it too complicated and people (us) get confused. For the majority of the population, you can keep it simple and get some decent results in your fitness goals. Nothing was more simple for me than trying not to get “fat”. Let’s look at this more closely.

It’s March and I’m realizing that it’s fun to be by the water and being by the water typically requires less clothing. In order for this to happen, one must feel pretty comfortable about taking their shirt off  to catch some sun and vitamins, right?. Then I realize, man, I need to lose a couple of pounds to really enjoy myself. What do I do next? I do what most people do…  start eating less sugar, step up the cardio, step up the weights, and start praying for some results. The funny thing is, all I really did was stop trying to get fat.

My wife and I were sitting and talking after dinner one night and we committed to each other that we should step up our fitness games. I don’t know who said it 1st, but “stop trying to get fat”, came up and I thought it was genius. Scientifically, it may not be the best rule to live by for some people that have hormone, glandular, or genetic challenges, but for a lot of us, we can base most of our fitness decisions on this simplicity. The problem is, it’s so simple, we don’t do it. Maybe it’s because sometimes we look for complicated solutions to solve complicated problems, but really many of us have simple problems that need a simple solution. At least, that’s my experience and the majority of my clients in the past 9 years could probably agree with me.

Ok, lets’ keep going. Now it’s October. The weather is getting cooler and the holidays are rapidly approaching. I’m kind of burnt out with the no carb thing and the CrossFit workouts everyday (2 more jokes btw). So I start doing a little less, making more really really convincing excuses, and start experimenting with some more frequent cheat meals. After my nightly shower, the mirror tells me I’m not  looking toooo bad considering I had PTerry’s and Rudy’s 4 times this week (kidding, I’m not that terrible). Before I know it, I started trying to get Fat again!

I figured this out recently when I realized I looked about 20lbs overweight on a Facebook clip of me and my family. Then I stepped on the scale and realized… wow, I am 20lbs overweight. What’s amazing is I “stopped trying to be fat” for about 6-weeks and I have already lost 10lbs. How do you “stop trying to be fat”? Generally, do some cardiovascular movement most days, do some strength movement on many days, and eat well all days : )

The moral of the story, stop “trying to be fat” and start “trying to be fit”… most of the time.

Love you guys, Eat Clean… Train Dirty… Find Balance.

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