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Hello FXfit friends, family, and followers.

The past 9 years of being a fitness professional has been an incredible journey. I’ve witnessed an evolution in fitness. Things that were “efficient” 10 years ago, are considered “inefficient” today. This goes with nutrition as well. I train my clients differently today than I did back then, but some methods are similar if not the same. Being part of this evolution of Biggest Loser… to P90X… to CrossFit… has enabled me to pick up on some patterns that I feel are crucial in training. Let’s take a look at some:

  • Muscle Confusion/Constantly Varied:
    •   These terms are used often and I’m sure you recognize them. I believe in this philosophy because it takes the idea that your body is smarter than you are and it is adaptable. Exercise is a form of stress (healthy stress) and your body will adapt. Changing up your workouts often, minimizes plateau and keeps your body guessing, forcing it to change and change and change. Play Tennis, do some bicep curls, have a CrossFit Day, try Yoga or Zumba.. change it up!
  • Paleo/Primal:
    • Fad diets and nutrition plans are almost more dynamic than program design methods, but there is something to be said about the “Hunter Gatherer” way of eating… it works well for most people. A decade ago or so, South Beach, Mediterranean Diet, Master Cleanse amongst a few others were popular, especially in the 1st phase because of the minimal sugar intake and the focus on veggies and lean meats. Today, Paleo takes that idea and encompasses a hormone response strategy with eating clean all the time. If you can pluck it from a tree, pull it from the ground, if it runs on land, or swims in the sea… it’s fair game (pun intended). At the end of the day, it’s about keeping your insulin at healthy levels.
    • Don’t diss the Vegans. I have noticed an extreme movement against vegetarians. If done correctly with raw foods, sprouting and soaking grains, etc… being a vegetarian is a more than a healthy choice, and actually can be a better option for some people.
  • Functional Training
    • 10 years ago, functional training was defined as “3- dimensional”, “all planes of movement”, “stability and core” and “compound lifting”… today functional is pretty much the same, but many people define it into one plane, the sagittal plane. I’m a firm believer in lateral plane movement (ex. ice-skaters), and transverse plane movement (ex throws and rotations). At the end of the day, I believe functional training is training that is beneficial to your practice, your discipline, and your sport as long as it encompasses body manipulation in ALL planes of movement.


  • Constantly Varied Muscle Confusion:
    • Monday = High Intensity Interval Training
    • Tuesday = Old School Body Building
    • Wednesday = CrossFit WOD
    • Thursday = Heavy Strength Day
    • Friday = Sprints in the Park
    • Saturday = Yoga
  • Clean Eating
    • Give yourself a 30-day Challenge
    • Try cutting out dairy, gluten, and sugar
    • Add what you miss back into your eating
    • How does your body feel?
    • Eat what makes you feel “good” and don’t eat what makes you feel “bad”
  • Let’s get Functional!
    • Why are you working out anyway?
    • Once you know this, cater your workouts to achieve this goal and do nothing else but that.
    • Practice flexibility and mobility, practice strength, practice cardio, and practice new practice.
In conclusion, eat well 7 days per week, be mobile 6 days per week, exercise your heart/lungs 5 days per week, give yourself a workout that is beyond your comfort zone 4 times per week, be sore 3 times per week, rest 2 times per week, and completely reset 1 time per week.
There are many coaches out there that have great philosophies and many claim to be the “best”. Don’t settle, give yourself options, and be open-minded, but not naive. I may not know half of what I’m saying, but I know people and I know my clients from the past years. I know what worked for them and I know what didn’t. Please contact me if you want to dive in a little deeper. Enjoy and thanks for reading!

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