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Hello FXfit friends, family, and followers.  We won Austin Fit Magazine  Best of 2013 last year and we REALLY want to win again for 2014, but we need your vote. Each year is more challenging because there are more fitness companies doing great things, but we want to earn your vote for “Best Apartment/Condo Gym” of 2014. We can do it, but we need you to vote.  It takes 30 seconds.

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Why vote for us?

I’d like to share my personal story of FXfit. If you are not much for stories, you can just vote for us and get on with your day : )  If you DO like stories, here ya go…

I’ll start at the beginning of the “big idea”. Hot from Lifetime Fitness, I began nursing school. That didn’t go so well. After a year of that, I missed personal training and I decided to take the leap in making a name for myself. Starting as “Functional Fitness”, I ended up training a client at the very first apartment complex of The Domain in Austin, TX.

Training at an apartment gym was interesting. There were about 10 trainers (some uneducated) there at night, everyone was very territorial, equipment was often stolen, and the atmosphere was not healthy for the residents that lived there. It would have been awesome if someone could control this setting and make it better.

; )

I saw an apartment complex going up known as The Villages at the Domain. God placed me there at the right time, and I was offered a management position, to simply take care of the gym and it’s mine. I saw it as a great opportunity. What if a company can deliver onsite, quality fitness services to residents for luxury apartments?

In 2011, with a leap of faith, I took all the money I had and developed the FXfit brand and purchased some equipment. I got busy, hired an assistant trainer (who became part owner and one of the best things to happen to the company), and began my journey.

The fall of 2013 was hard. The company wasn’t growing. I remember the day I came home to my wife and my new born son, fell on my knees in the bathroom and wept.  I was in debt. My family was on food stamps. I was putting rent on my credit card. I was scared. I was brought to a crucial breaking point. All I literally had left was faith.

After the holiday, God snapped his fingers in January 2014. All the seeds we planted, all the relationships we invested in, and all the hard work brought success to the surface. We went from 2 properties to 12properties in 8 months, our staff quadrupled, and our volume exploded. We are set for 4 more properties in 2015 and an expansion to San Antonio.

More so, we are partnered with amazing people. Total City Sports, Trigger Point, Hyperwear, SFH, The Austin Stone (well me personally : ), and many others. I’m in love with all of our properties, our staff, and our clients.

My story is far from over. Daily trials, new challenges, but my faith is stronger than ever. There is reason for all of this. Serving Austin, TX in these amazing communities that we get to be a part of has been a blessing.

Thank you for reading my short version of my personal story for FXfit. I hope it inspires you to not only vote for us for Best of 2014, but to follow-us and be part of our wonderful family and culture.


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