5 Exercises You Need this Summer

The summer is around the corner and we all have the same thing on our minds… “I need to get myself ready for my pool wardrobe.” I’m sure you have tried it all, no carbs, CrossFit, detox, etc. Maybe it’s time to try something new and more importantly, try something easy and fun. Well, we narrowed it down for you.
This exercise targets the muscles that are weak on most (back and legs), and it burns more calories than any other form of moderate cardio when done correctly. Find a nearby gym, most fitness studios will have a rower. You can also find one pretty cheap for in-home use. Rowers are the most affordable in-home cardio option. Incorporate this into your strength routines or just have a rowing day.
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Sled Drive:
The sled push is an incredible workout. You use every muscle in your body and within seconds, your body will be burning. Think about pushing your couch across the floor over and over again… sounds fun right? Well it gets the job done. Most fitness studios will have these as well as some gyms. You can shop for one of these online for under $100.
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Bear Crawls:
Body-weight exercises are some of the best to do for your core and to increase strength. We all know what sit-ups, push-ups, pull-ups, and squats are, but adding bear crawls to your body weight arsenal can give you dangerously strong fitness. Pick a distance and crawl there. Flat ground or grass work best.
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Box Jumps:
The best thing about jumping is that is uses an entirely different energy system in exercise, and it’s called power. Jump training will burn more calories, make you sweat more, and increase your strength faster than traditional strength training or cardio. Jump on benches, tires, or plain air.
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and Yoga… 
Let us not forget about flexibility and recovery. People don’t get fit from their workouts… people get fit from the “recovery” of their workouts. This is where muscles repair and grow, this is where your nervous system and hormones go back to homeostasis, and this is where most people need the most amount of discipline. Rest is necessary, but rest doesn’t have to be sedentary. Try Yoga, get a massage, or just have a stretch day.
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Keep moving.
Thanks for reading.
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