Why Mobility?

What’s so important about mobility and connective tissue anyway?

Short answer: it allows us to do what we want to do without hurting ourselves.

Long answer: It doesn’t matter what your goal is, you need to develop the physical structure able to handle the demands you are placing on the body. You don’t need to place demands on a physical structure not able to handle them.

If you lack mobility…

  • You are fighting yourself and making compensations in form, which leads to a decrease in strength and power output, and eventual injury.
  • You are getting stronger and stronger in a limited range of motion. As soon as you go outside of that limited range of motion, you are strong enough to literally pull yourself apart.

If you lack connective tissue integrity…

  • You are more prone to injury. You train at the rate your muscle adapts instead of the rate your connective tissue adapts. Connective tissue adapts 10x slower than muscle. This is why there are so many chronic pains and injuries. What usually gets injured? Joints. Connective Tissue.
  • You are leaving a lot of potential untapped. You are only as strong as your connective tissue. Even if your muscles are strong, your body won’t let them work to their full potential if the connective tissue is weak. Why? Because if they did they would pull the tissue clean off the bone. If you try to push through that limitation, injury is guaranteed.

Whether your goal is to deadlift 400lbs, perform the best in sport, look like a Greek God, or just to get off the floor without hurting, mobility and connective tissue integrity need to be the foundation of your training.

Why? Let’s take a look at a performance pyramid:


Remember: we need to develop the physical structure able to handle the demands you are placing on the body.

Without a solid base of physical preparation, your pyramid will not go very high. You will reach plateaus, your performance will suffer, you will develop chronic aches and pains, and in many cases end up with a serious injury.

In order to reach the highest levels of performance, we need the widest base. Mobility, Connective Tissue, and Functional Movement (AKA efficient movement or proper form) are at the base because these will allow you to demonstrate greater levels of strength and skill. Skipping steps leads to decreased performance and injury.

Nobody is exempt from these rules.

You don’t have to develop crazy mobility or strength, but you need enough to support the demands you are placing on your body. You don’t need to be able to do bridges, but you do need enough thoracic extension and shoulder mobility to be able to function and do the exercises you are doing safely. You don’t need to be able to do the splits, but you do need enough hip and leg mobility to be able to function and do the exercises you are doing safely. Tough love here for a moment: almost nobody I see on a daily basis has the physical preparation necessary for what they are trying to do in the gym. If you insist on placing high demands on your body, you need to have a high level of preparation to match. If you are injured, you can’t work out, and you aren’t going to reach your goals.

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– Written By Jason Dupree.

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