12 Days of Fitness Challenge


Getting you ahead of the game.

The New York Times tells us that the average American gains 7-10lbs during the holidays. From personal experience, I can agree to that (although I normally start gaining in August, lol). U.S. News tells us that only 8% of Americans achieve their New Year’s resolutions.

The point is, it’s difficult to maintain fitness through the holidays. The next 30 days is an opportunity to get ahead of the game.

Here is a 12 day challenge to help you get through this. I recommend starting December 1st, but you can start it as late as December 13th. The goal is to get it done before Christmas. Here we go.

The 12 Days of Fitness Challenge

*This is accumulative. Add 1 thing every day and by day 15, you are doing all 15 things

Day 1:
Drink half your body-weight in ounces per day.

Day 2:
Execute 20 push-ups per day.

Day 3:
No more consumption of anything fried. This includes chips or any trans-fats.

Day 4:
Execute 50 walking lunges per day (don’t forget about Day 2)

Day 5:
No more added simple sugars. This includes sugar in desert, coffee, etc.

Day 6:
Execute 30 sit-ups per day. (Now you have Day 2 and 4… get the idea?)

Day 7:
Eat at least 3 different vegetables per day.

Day 8:
Execute 1 mile walk or jog per day.

Day 9:
No more bread, tortillas, or pasta in your diet.

Day 10:
Double up all your exercises (40 push-ups, 100 lunges, 60 sit-ups, 2 mile walk/jog.. oh does that sound hard? Guess what, 2 more days! You got this.)

Day 11:
Time for a smoothie cleanse. 3-4 shakes per day, no more solid food. Your shake is to include:
1 fat (coconut oil/almond butter/avocado)
1 green (kale, spinach, arugula)
1 scoop of whey or complete vegan protein
base (coconut water, almond milk or water)
1 fruit (berries, bananas, etc)
Day 12:
On top of your 2nd day of smoothies, doubled-up workout, on this day you are to find 30min of meditation/prayer/quiet time.

This challenge is not only fun, but it will give you results. It’s up to you what you do after, but I recommend using it as a launching platform into a new you for 2017.

Please reach out to me if you have any questions.

I’ll leave you with 3 tips:

  1. Take one day at a time.
  2. Find a buddy! You need accountability in this.
  3. Have fun.

Thanks for reading.

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