12 Days of Fitness Challenge


Getting you ahead of the game.

The New York Times tells us that the average American gains 7-10lbs during the holidays. From personal experience, I can agree to that (although I normally start gaining in August, lol). U.S. News tells us that only 8% of Americans achieve their New Year’s resolutions.

The point is, it’s difficult to maintain fitness through the holidays. The next 30 days is an opportunity to get ahead of the game.

Here is a 12 day challenge to help you get through this. I recommend starting December 1st, but you can start it as late as December 13th. The goal is to get it done before Christmas. Here we go.

The 12 Days of Fitness Challenge

*This is accumulative. Add 1 thing every day and by day 15, you are doing all 15 things

Day 1:
Drink half your body-weight in ounces per day.

Day 2:
Execute 20 push-ups per day.

Day 3:
No more consumption of anything fried. This includes chips or any trans-fats.

Day 4:
Execute 50 walking lunges per day (don’t forget about Day 2)

Day 5:
No more added simple sugars. This includes sugar in desert, coffee, etc.

Day 6:
Execute 30 sit-ups per day. (Now you have Day 2 and 4… get the idea?)

Day 7:
Eat at least 3 different vegetables per day.

Day 8:
Execute 1 mile walk or jog per day.

Day 9:
No more bread, tortillas, or pasta in your diet.

Day 10:
Double up all your exercises (40 push-ups, 100 lunges, 60 sit-ups, 2 mile walk/jog.. oh does that sound hard? Guess what, 2 more days! You got this.)

Day 11:
Time for a smoothie cleanse. 3-4 shakes per day, no more solid food. Your shake is to include:
1 fat (coconut oil/almond butter/avocado)
1 green (kale, spinach, arugula)
1 scoop of whey or complete vegan protein
base (coconut water, almond milk or water)
1 fruit (berries, bananas, etc)
Day 12:
On top of your 2nd day of smoothies, doubled-up workout, on this day you are to find 30min of meditation/prayer/quiet time.

This challenge is not only fun, but it will give you results. It’s up to you what you do after, but I recommend using it as a launching platform into a new you for 2017.

Please reach out to me if you have any questions.

I’ll leave you with 3 tips:

  1. Take one day at a time.
  2. Find a buddy! You need accountability in this.
  3. Have fun.

Thanks for reading.

Why Mobility?

What’s so important about mobility and connective tissue anyway?

Short answer: it allows us to do what we want to do without hurting ourselves.

Long answer: It doesn’t matter what your goal is, you need to develop the physical structure able to handle the demands you are placing on the body. You don’t need to place demands on a physical structure not able to handle them.

If you lack mobility…

  • You are fighting yourself and making compensations in form, which leads to a decrease in strength and power output, and eventual injury.
  • You are getting stronger and stronger in a limited range of motion. As soon as you go outside of that limited range of motion, you are strong enough to literally pull yourself apart.

If you lack connective tissue integrity…

  • You are more prone to injury. You train at the rate your muscle adapts instead of the rate your connective tissue adapts. Connective tissue adapts 10x slower than muscle. This is why there are so many chronic pains and injuries. What usually gets injured? Joints. Connective Tissue.
  • You are leaving a lot of potential untapped. You are only as strong as your connective tissue. Even if your muscles are strong, your body won’t let them work to their full potential if the connective tissue is weak. Why? Because if they did they would pull the tissue clean off the bone. If you try to push through that limitation, injury is guaranteed.

Whether your goal is to deadlift 400lbs, perform the best in sport, look like a Greek God, or just to get off the floor without hurting, mobility and connective tissue integrity need to be the foundation of your training.

Why? Let’s take a look at a performance pyramid:


Remember: we need to develop the physical structure able to handle the demands you are placing on the body.

Without a solid base of physical preparation, your pyramid will not go very high. You will reach plateaus, your performance will suffer, you will develop chronic aches and pains, and in many cases end up with a serious injury.

In order to reach the highest levels of performance, we need the widest base. Mobility, Connective Tissue, and Functional Movement (AKA efficient movement or proper form) are at the base because these will allow you to demonstrate greater levels of strength and skill. Skipping steps leads to decreased performance and injury.

Nobody is exempt from these rules.

You don’t have to develop crazy mobility or strength, but you need enough to support the demands you are placing on your body. You don’t need to be able to do bridges, but you do need enough thoracic extension and shoulder mobility to be able to function and do the exercises you are doing safely. You don’t need to be able to do the splits, but you do need enough hip and leg mobility to be able to function and do the exercises you are doing safely. Tough love here for a moment: almost nobody I see on a daily basis has the physical preparation necessary for what they are trying to do in the gym. If you insist on placing high demands on your body, you need to have a high level of preparation to match. If you are injured, you can’t work out, and you aren’t going to reach your goals.

Ready to take your training to the next level?

Here at FXfit, we have the knowledge and experience needed to build you up. We have worked with seniors over the age of 80 to elite athletes, and everyone in-between. We have trainers that specialize in mobility, strength, fat loss, sports performance, and anything else you can think of. Our drive is getting results, and our passion is you. Get in touch with us for a free consultation and see what we can do for you.

– Written By Jason Dupree.

5 Exercises You Need this Summer

The summer is around the corner and we all have the same thing on our minds… “I need to get myself ready for my pool wardrobe.” I’m sure you have tried it all, no carbs, CrossFit, detox, etc. Maybe it’s time to try something new and more importantly, try something easy and fun. Well, we narrowed it down for you.
This exercise targets the muscles that are weak on most (back and legs), and it burns more calories than any other form of moderate cardio when done correctly. Find a nearby gym, most fitness studios will have a rower. You can also find one pretty cheap for in-home use. Rowers are the most affordable in-home cardio option. Incorporate this into your strength routines or just have a rowing day.
 Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 8.45.56 AM
Sled Drive:
The sled push is an incredible workout. You use every muscle in your body and within seconds, your body will be burning. Think about pushing your couch across the floor over and over again… sounds fun right? Well it gets the job done. Most fitness studios will have these as well as some gyms. You can shop for one of these online for under $100.
Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 8.47.10 AM
Bear Crawls:
Body-weight exercises are some of the best to do for your core and to increase strength. We all know what sit-ups, push-ups, pull-ups, and squats are, but adding bear crawls to your body weight arsenal can give you dangerously strong fitness. Pick a distance and crawl there. Flat ground or grass work best.
Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 8.47.42 AM
Box Jumps:
The best thing about jumping is that is uses an entirely different energy system in exercise, and it’s called power. Jump training will burn more calories, make you sweat more, and increase your strength faster than traditional strength training or cardio. Jump on benches, tires, or plain air.
Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 8.48.21 AM
and Yoga… 
Let us not forget about flexibility and recovery. People don’t get fit from their workouts… people get fit from the “recovery” of their workouts. This is where muscles repair and grow, this is where your nervous system and hormones go back to homeostasis, and this is where most people need the most amount of discipline. Rest is necessary, but rest doesn’t have to be sedentary. Try Yoga, get a massage, or just have a stretch day.
Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 8.49.08 AM
Keep moving.
Thanks for reading.
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Does Your Training Reflect Life?

I spent this weekend bouldering, hiking, and kayaking, and it reminded me of why I, and a lot of people, actually work out (or at least one big reason). We want to enjoy life. We want to be able to do things we love to do, and feel good doing them.
So how can we make sure our training will prepare us for life?
1. Connect your “chain links”. There is a time and a place for isolation exercises like bicep curls, and even machines. However, the fitness world needs to learn to use the right tool for the job at hand. When training for life, the training you do needs to teach the body to move as one unit, as part of a chain. If all you do is isolation exercises, then all you have are unlinked chain-links. When it comes time to use that chain, everything falls apart. The exercises you can choose to build a strong chain are nearly limitless, and will mostly depend on your goal or activity. But it is always a safe bet to stick with any exercise that can be considered a “full body” or “compound” exercise, and exercises that work your stabilizing muscles. Exercises that teach you how to apply and generate force are also invaluable as well – Twists, arch to hollow/hollow to arch, hinge or squat to jump, direction changes, locomotion, etc.
2. Train for the inevitable. When training, there seems to be a fear of never going out of your most stable position. “Never bend the spine, it should always be straight and rigid”, “Never let the knees go over the toes, in or out, or twisted” etc. The thing is, in real life, this is totally unrealistic. While I was hiking, there were rocks jutting out of the ground at weird angles, missteps, slips, and near falls. I wasn’t wearing hiking boots, and I had no ankle support. Someone who always trained in a rigid position, never allowing their body to deviate, probably would have sprained their ankle doing what I was doing, even in hiking boots. Building strength only in a stable position while leaving a glaring weakness just a twist of the foot away is a recipe for injury. That’s not to say you should train your unstable positions with the same fervor as your stable positions. I’m never going to load my inside squats like I would a back squat. I’m never going to perform twisting squats with the same high number of reps I might do lunges with. But I am going to do them regularly to make sure my knees and ankles have the mobility needed to hold up when the inevitable happens.
3. Let your feet breathe. Back to the subject of my shoes and hiking. If you’ve seen my shoes, you know that I could feel every single pebble on that hiking trail, though perhaps not as painfully as I would had I been barefoot. Why would I subject myself to that when I could slap on a pair of thick hiking boots and block out all feeling in my feet? Because your feet are sensory organs. They give you feedback about the ground you are walking on and help you adjust accordingly. What happens when you remove that feedback? Same thing that happens when you cut the whiskers off of a cat, except instead of running face first into a wall, you sprain an ankle. When you let your feet breathe, they might scream at you at first, because you’ve kept them in casts your whole life, but give it time and they will learn to love the freedom and they will help connect you to the world you are exploring. (Note: there are certain cases where I think hiking boots are necessary. Namely, extremely rocky areas. Sometimes you need a shoe with a monster grip and the ability to take a beating. I do not recommend scree running in minimalist shoes. Again, use the right tool for the job).
4. Develop Mobility. Without it, you will be fighting against yourself. You won’t be able to move efficiently. With it, you have more options, and your movement will be effortless and pain free. Bouldering in particular required a surprising amount of mobility from the hips. You don’t need the mobility of a gymnast, but you do need to surpass two thresholds with your mobility. The first: You need to be mobile enough to not have any pain or dysfunction. Second: you need to be mobile enough to do what you are asking your body to do. Work on your mobility and your body will thank you.
Now go outside and do something you love 🙂

Are you Filled or Drained?

Let’s think of ourselves as a cup.  Throughout the day we pour out in different ways. 
Every one of us has at one time or another felt drained, or just tired.  We have things in our lives that fill us, and things that we do that involve pouring out.  Unless we think through what these things are, it is unlikely that we will accidentally achieve the perfect balance.
Let’s say we start the week with a full cup, but throughout the day we go through more things that drain us rather than fill us up.  As a result, we will end that day with a tiny, but very real, deficit.
As we begin the next day, we not only need our ‘usual’ portion of fills, we need extra if we are to fight the deficit.  The problems come as the days pile up and we gradually find ourselves feeling more and more emptied.
What are the indicators that we are drained?
The first sign that we are drained is when we feel stressed or anxious.  Maybe we snap at a co-worker.  Maybe we find ourselves a little more irritated in traffic.  Despite what our culture might communicate, stress is not a healthy place to live.  It should not be our normal operating level.  When we find ourselves stressed or anxious, we need to intentionally pursue those things that fill our cup.
Emotional Breakdown
If we continue getting drained, we’ll start to get into a place of emotional breakdown.  This is easy to recognize: we feel emotionally overwhelmed. When we find ourselves in this place we either take a break – take serious time to get filled and not be drained, or we keep going.  At this level, we don’t just need a night off; we need to replace fills with drains.  Otherwise we will find ourselves in the place of nervous breakdown…
Moral Failure
Once we get to the point where we are this drained, we cling to any fill we can see, which generally is unhealthy.  Essentially, we are so empty, we only care about feeling filled as quickly as possible, a quick fix. Identifying our fills and drains is going to be critical.
What are the indicators that we are filled?
A fill is not just something that doesn’t drain us.  Sometimes, when we find ourselves stressed or drained we turn to something that seems ‘relaxing’ because it doesn’t drain us, like TV.  However, just because TV may not be a drain for us, it doesn’t by default become a fill.  There are many things that are neutral that we have a tendency to turn to when we’re drained, but that don’t help refill our cup and when we finish partaking we still have the same deficit in our cup that we began with.
Keep in mind that a fill may not be our favorite things just as our drains may not all be things we hate.
For example, exercising may be a fill.  Even though some of us may dislike this, it may give our body energy for the ministry and work ahead.  Knowing that in advance will help.  When we are feeling drained, exercise may sound like a chore or something we don’t want, however if we know ahead of time that it’s a fill, we can engage and afterwards find ourselves surprisingly energized.
To the same token, we may find ourselves drained by something we love and are called to do.  After a long day playing with children, even if we love children, we may go home and feel exhausted.  We must be careful to not just think of drains as things we hate and fills as things we love.
We must be intentional.
What fills you? What drains you?
Written By: Chris Allman
Edited By: Shawn Martinez

FXfit Games and Free Yoga Forever

FXfit Games

We began the FXfit Games this year. Our followers, clients, and students were wanting a performance based opportunity to train for.  We put our brains together and decided to try out an event where people can have fun, workout, earn points, and win something by doing their best. We also threw in a DJ and invited a bunch of people to watch. It was a success. Game 1 and Game 2 brought in over 100 people.

FXfit Games is a safe, fun, and non-intmidating event. It’s a chance to meet some great like-minded people and cheer for some peers that are working hard to win.

We need spectators! If you would like to come watch this energy-filled event, all you have to do is show up, it’s FREE. We are hosting our FXfit Games at the Domain in front of iPic theater. It’s a beautiful astro-turf field. There are food trucks and plenty of space for kids if you have them. We currently offer Free Yoga here.We need competitors! If you would like to test your fitness, have fun, and perform a workout to remember, we want you to register. Registration is $25 and it will hold your spot for the competition. You will also be entered to win for a raffle from our many sponsors. More importantly, you will be competing for the $Grand Prize$.  Click Here to Register.

If you have anymore questions, please contact Katie@getFXfit.com.
Hope to see you there!



Giving back to Austin and The Domain

FXfit started in the Domain in Austin, TX in 2011. We have been major contributors in building a healthy and fit community. Recently, Simon at the Domain asked us to start fitness classes on the new turf in front of iPic. We said “yes!” We also said, “What the Domain really needs is Yoga.”

After about 3 months of trial and error, we decided that the best way to serve Austin, TX is to offer FREE fitness, more importantly FREE Yoga. FXfit has decided to offer free Yoga to the Domain community and Austin, TX for the rest of the year. Just show up and Yoga.

All we want is for you to show up and join us on the mat. 

I f you are new to Yoga or if you consider yourself a Yoga expert, we want you to come. The turn out has been amazing, with 20-30 people showing for every class. Special thanks to the Domain for allowing this wonderful option for Austin, TX.




3225 Amy Donovan Plaza, Austin, TX 78758

If you have anymore questions, please e-mail support@getfxfit.com
Hope to see you there!

Vote for The Best of 2014

We Need your Vote!

Help us be the Best in Austin.

Hello FXfit friends, family, and followers.  We won Austin Fit Magazine  Best of 2013 last year and we REALLY want to win again for 2014, but we need your vote. Each year is more challenging because there are more fitness companies doing great things, but we want to earn your vote for “Best Apartment/Condo Gym” of 2014. We can do it, but we need you to vote.  It takes 30 seconds.

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Why vote for us?

I’d like to share my personal story of FXfit. If you are not much for stories, you can just vote for us and get on with your day : )  If you DO like stories, here ya go…

I’ll start at the beginning of the “big idea”. Hot from Lifetime Fitness, I began nursing school. That didn’t go so well. After a year of that, I missed personal training and I decided to take the leap in making a name for myself. Starting as “Functional Fitness”, I ended up training a client at the very first apartment complex of The Domain in Austin, TX.

Training at an apartment gym was interesting. There were about 10 trainers (some uneducated) there at night, everyone was very territorial, equipment was often stolen, and the atmosphere was not healthy for the residents that lived there. It would have been awesome if someone could control this setting and make it better.

; )

I saw an apartment complex going up known as The Villages at the Domain. God placed me there at the right time, and I was offered a management position, to simply take care of the gym and it’s mine. I saw it as a great opportunity. What if a company can deliver onsite, quality fitness services to residents for luxury apartments?

In 2011, with a leap of faith, I took all the money I had and developed the FXfit brand and purchased some equipment. I got busy, hired an assistant trainer (who became part owner and one of the best things to happen to the company), and began my journey.

The fall of 2013 was hard. The company wasn’t growing. I remember the day I came home to my wife and my new born son, fell on my knees in the bathroom and wept.  I was in debt. My family was on food stamps. I was putting rent on my credit card. I was scared. I was brought to a crucial breaking point. All I literally had left was faith.

After the holiday, God snapped his fingers in January 2014. All the seeds we planted, all the relationships we invested in, and all the hard work brought success to the surface. We went from 2 properties to 12properties in 8 months, our staff quadrupled, and our volume exploded. We are set for 4 more properties in 2015 and an expansion to San Antonio.

More so, we are partnered with amazing people. Total City Sports, Trigger Point, Hyperwear, SFH, The Austin Stone (well me personally : ), and many others. I’m in love with all of our properties, our staff, and our clients.

My story is far from over. Daily trials, new challenges, but my faith is stronger than ever. There is reason for all of this. Serving Austin, TX in these amazing communities that we get to be a part of has been a blessing.

Thank you for reading my short version of my personal story for FXfit. I hope it inspires you to not only vote for us for Best of 2014, but to follow-us and be part of our wonderful family and culture.


The Perfect Workout

arnold-schwarzenegger-smLan2  44

Hello FXfit friends, family, and followers.

The past 9 years of being a fitness professional has been an incredible journey. I’ve witnessed an evolution in fitness. Things that were “efficient” 10 years ago, are considered “inefficient” today. This goes with nutrition as well. I train my clients differently today than I did back then, but some methods are similar if not the same. Being part of this evolution of Biggest Loser… to P90X… to CrossFit… has enabled me to pick up on some patterns that I feel are crucial in training. Let’s take a look at some:

  • Muscle Confusion/Constantly Varied:
    •   These terms are used often and I’m sure you recognize them. I believe in this philosophy because it takes the idea that your body is smarter than you are and it is adaptable. Exercise is a form of stress (healthy stress) and your body will adapt. Changing up your workouts often, minimizes plateau and keeps your body guessing, forcing it to change and change and change. Play Tennis, do some bicep curls, have a CrossFit Day, try Yoga or Zumba.. change it up!
  • Paleo/Primal:
    • Fad diets and nutrition plans are almost more dynamic than program design methods, but there is something to be said about the “Hunter Gatherer” way of eating… it works well for most people. A decade ago or so, South Beach, Mediterranean Diet, Master Cleanse amongst a few others were popular, especially in the 1st phase because of the minimal sugar intake and the focus on veggies and lean meats. Today, Paleo takes that idea and encompasses a hormone response strategy with eating clean all the time. If you can pluck it from a tree, pull it from the ground, if it runs on land, or swims in the sea… it’s fair game (pun intended). At the end of the day, it’s about keeping your insulin at healthy levels.
    • Don’t diss the Vegans. I have noticed an extreme movement against vegetarians. If done correctly with raw foods, sprouting and soaking grains, etc… being a vegetarian is a more than a healthy choice, and actually can be a better option for some people.
  • Functional Training
    • 10 years ago, functional training was defined as “3- dimensional”, “all planes of movement”, “stability and core” and “compound lifting”… today functional is pretty much the same, but many people define it into one plane, the sagittal plane. I’m a firm believer in lateral plane movement (ex. ice-skaters), and transverse plane movement (ex throws and rotations). At the end of the day, I believe functional training is training that is beneficial to your practice, your discipline, and your sport as long as it encompasses body manipulation in ALL planes of movement.


  • Constantly Varied Muscle Confusion:
    • Monday = High Intensity Interval Training
    • Tuesday = Old School Body Building
    • Wednesday = CrossFit WOD
    • Thursday = Heavy Strength Day
    • Friday = Sprints in the Park
    • Saturday = Yoga
  • Clean Eating
    • Give yourself a 30-day Challenge
    • Try cutting out dairy, gluten, and sugar
    • Add what you miss back into your eating
    • How does your body feel?
    • Eat what makes you feel “good” and don’t eat what makes you feel “bad”
  • Let’s get Functional!
    • Why are you working out anyway?
    • Once you know this, cater your workouts to achieve this goal and do nothing else but that.
    • Practice flexibility and mobility, practice strength, practice cardio, and practice new practice.
In conclusion, eat well 7 days per week, be mobile 6 days per week, exercise your heart/lungs 5 days per week, give yourself a workout that is beyond your comfort zone 4 times per week, be sore 3 times per week, rest 2 times per week, and completely reset 1 time per week.
There are many coaches out there that have great philosophies and many claim to be the “best”. Don’t settle, give yourself options, and be open-minded, but not naive. I may not know half of what I’m saying, but I know people and I know my clients from the past years. I know what worked for them and I know what didn’t. Please contact me if you want to dive in a little deeper. Enjoy and thanks for reading!

More than Fitness

Hello FXfit friends, family, and followers.

Austin, TX is a place to be fit. It’s easy to get self-absorbed in your own fitness goals and your own mission for your own glory. At least,  I’m guilty of it. It’s easy for me to get lost in my bubble of problems and focus on a path that makes Me better. The past couple of months I have focused on doing the opposite and life seems to make a lot more sense.

Below you will find a picture of 35 young athletes from East Austin that just completed a Free Volleyball Clinic sponsored by FXfit. I’m not writing about this to say, “look what I did!”, but to show our followers how fitness is so much more.

East Austin, specifically the St. Johns area is one of the most broken parts of Austin. Filled with drugs, prostitution, teen pregnancy, abuse, and neglect. Our decision to partner with Total City Sports was due to the fact that they are focusing on caring and loving this part of Austin in hopes to restore it into a healthier community. If someone is doing something great, help them do more.

Since 2009, Total City Sports has been on a mission to develop premier athletes and leaders in Central and East Austin. Through mentoring, tutoring, camps, clinics, and competitive club teams, TCS is contributing to the steady improvement of athletes, schools, and communities in Austin.

Less than 25% of TCS budget is funded through athlete participation fees, the rest is from contribution. This creates opportunity for these young athletes. I want to do my part to recognize this great fitness company as well as there mission, vision, and purpose. Please support TCS.

Fitness is far more than nice abs or running a 5K. Fitness is a tool and a vehicle that connects us to each other in wonderful ways.

Thanks for reading! Keep eating clean and training dirty.

I Stopped Trying to be Fat.


We all have our seasons of “fit” and our seasons of “fat”. For me, the decision between the two was… “trying to be fat”. There is a lot of fitness information out there, much of it is good. The sad fact is that sometimes people (them) make it too complicated and people (us) get confused. For the majority of the population, you can keep it simple and get some decent results in your fitness goals. Nothing was more simple for me than trying not to get “fat”. Let’s look at this more closely.

It’s March and I’m realizing that it’s fun to be by the water and being by the water typically requires less clothing. In order for this to happen, one must feel pretty comfortable about taking their shirt off  to catch some sun and vitamins, right?. Then I realize, man, I need to lose a couple of pounds to really enjoy myself. What do I do next? I do what most people do…  start eating less sugar, step up the cardio, step up the weights, and start praying for some results. The funny thing is, all I really did was stop trying to get fat.

My wife and I were sitting and talking after dinner one night and we committed to each other that we should step up our fitness games. I don’t know who said it 1st, but “stop trying to get fat”, came up and I thought it was genius. Scientifically, it may not be the best rule to live by for some people that have hormone, glandular, or genetic challenges, but for a lot of us, we can base most of our fitness decisions on this simplicity. The problem is, it’s so simple, we don’t do it. Maybe it’s because sometimes we look for complicated solutions to solve complicated problems, but really many of us have simple problems that need a simple solution. At least, that’s my experience and the majority of my clients in the past 9 years could probably agree with me.

Ok, lets’ keep going. Now it’s October. The weather is getting cooler and the holidays are rapidly approaching. I’m kind of burnt out with the no carb thing and the CrossFit workouts everyday (2 more jokes btw). So I start doing a little less, making more really really convincing excuses, and start experimenting with some more frequent cheat meals. After my nightly shower, the mirror tells me I’m not  looking toooo bad considering I had PTerry’s and Rudy’s 4 times this week (kidding, I’m not that terrible). Before I know it, I started trying to get Fat again!

I figured this out recently when I realized I looked about 20lbs overweight on a Facebook clip of me and my family. Then I stepped on the scale and realized… wow, I am 20lbs overweight. What’s amazing is I “stopped trying to be fat” for about 6-weeks and I have already lost 10lbs. How do you “stop trying to be fat”? Generally, do some cardiovascular movement most days, do some strength movement on many days, and eat well all days : )

The moral of the story, stop “trying to be fat” and start “trying to be fit”… most of the time.

Love you guys, Eat Clean… Train Dirty… Find Balance.

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