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12 Days of Fitness Challenge

Getting you ahead of the game. The New York Times tells us that the average American gains 7-10lbs during the holidays. From personal experience, I can agree to that (although I normally start gaining in August, lol). U.S. News tells… Read the rest

Why Mobility?

What’s so important about mobility and connective tissue anyway? Short answer: it allows us to do what we want to do without hurting ourselves. Long answer: It doesn’t matter what your goal is, you need to develop the physical structure… Read the rest

5 Exercises You Need this Summer

The summer is around the corner and we all have the same thing on our minds… “I need to get myself ready for my pool wardrobe.” I’m sure you have tried it all, no carbs, CrossFit, detox, etc. Maybe it’s… Read the rest

Are you Filled or Drained?

Let’s think of ourselves as a cup.  Throughout the day we pour out in different ways.  Every one of us has at one time or another felt drained, or just tired.  We have things in our lives that fill us,… Read the rest

FXfit Games and Free Yoga Forever

FXfit Games We began the FXfit Games this year. Our followers, clients, and students were wanting a performance based opportunity to train for.  We put our brains together and decided to try out an event where people can have fun,… Read the rest

Vote for The Best of 2014

We Need your Vote! Help us be the Best in Austin. Hello FXfit friends, family, and followers.  We won Austin Fit Magazine  Best of 2013 last year and we REALLY want to win again for 2014, but we need your… Read the rest

The Perfect Workout

Hello FXfit friends, family, and followers. The past 9 years of being a fitness professional has been an incredible journey. I’ve witnessed an evolution in fitness. Things that were “efficient” 10 years ago, are considered “inefficient” today. This goes with… Read the rest

More than Fitness

Hello FXfit friends, family, and followers. Austin, TX is a place to be fit. It’s easy to get self-absorbed in your own fitness goals and your own mission for your own glory. At least,  I’m guilty of it. It’s easy… Read the rest

I Stopped Trying to be Fat.

We all have our seasons of “fit” and our seasons of “fat”. For me, the decision between the two was… “trying to be fat”. There is a lot of fitness information out there, much of it is good. The sad… Read the rest

Food for Fitness

Hey FXfit’ers I had the privilege today of speaking with Anchor Todd Boatwright of Time Warner Cable News today about eating to perform for your workouts. It was so successful that I was inspired to Blog about it to you… Read the rest