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If you are a Property Manager or Apartment Developer, we want to partner with you. FXfit is an Onsite Fitness company who also designs fitness amenity layouts, provide fitness equipment, and offers personal training, group classes, and events.

We design, equip, and manage the fitness amenity for luxury apartments, multi-family living, hotels, and commercial projects. FXfit will have a specific strategy to engage your residents and tenants based off the demographics and number of units in your property. We use this plan to increase resident retention and increase occupancy by engaging and building community through fitness. This enables an atmosphere for the property that is extremely professional, organized, and functional. Our operation has multiple levels, from just fitness classes to full-time service at your property with unlimited personal training, fitness classes, events, and property management.


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Our Services

Read the Testimonials.Hire FXfit to design, equip, and manage your fitness services for gyms, amenities, and wellness programs.

FXfiit will offer several services to your residents, including free services.

FX Development will offer several services to the residents at exclusive rates, including free services.

These services include:

+ Fitness and Nutrition Seminars
+ Personal Training
+ Small Group Training
+ Fitness Classes
+ Yoga, Zumba, Pilates
+ Grocery Store Tours
+ Trigger Point Therapy
+ Parties and Socials!

This service gives many benefits to the property including:

+ resident retention
+ building a healthy community
+ community cohesion
+ gym presentation
+ professional gym atmosphere 
+ minimize theft in the gym
+ events to be offered for residents
+ social benefits for residents
+ increase occupancy rate


We offer you the Best Prices for the Best Equipment

"FXfit is an equipment dealer for the Best fitness equipment companies in the market today.We can get you anything for the Best price gauranteed.  Consult FXfit to be your equipment provider for residenital, commercial, and in-home gyms.

- Shawn Martinez, Founder/CEO of FX Fitness, LLC


We stay Fresh and Innovative

Dynamax, Trigger Point, and Hyperwear are some of the Best equipment companies that are most popular in today's methods and philosophies of fitness. We are partners and their dealers. FXfit promises innovation, popularity, and function.

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Transwestern (Commercial Real Estate in Austin)

Our 1st official partner in fitness amenity design and equipment. We are proud to state that FXfit is an official fitness consultant for the multi-family branch of Transwestern. We specifically handle anything and everything about the fitness amenities for Transwestern's projects. This includes design strategy, equipment choice, and post-management. 

The Austin Stone Church

Fitness and The Gospel.

This class will provide a biblical perspective on potential struggles with self-image, emotional eating, lack of motivation, and ambition for fitness. In addition, you will receive guidance on cardiovascular exercise, resistance training, nutrition, and flexibility. The first half of this class will be educational and the second half will be an actual workout.

Total City Sports

FXfit is on a mission to serve the city of Austin and care for the widow and the orphan. Total City Sports is our 1st step to reaching "the orphan" aka underprivileged youth.

Since 2009, Total City Sports has used summer camps, skills clinics and club sports to create and develop mentoring and discipleship relationships with students in Central and East Austin. In almost four years TCS has worked with students from high schools and middle schools around Austin. Click logo to find out more.


IMT, Milesstone, Villages, GreyCo, Folgelman, and Greystar

The Villages at The Domain, IMT at the Domain, Kenzie at the Domain, The 704, Lakeshore Pearl, South Shore District, Indigo, Sendera, and Liv Whitestone are our main projects as a fitness amenity development company. We design the layout of the facility, suggest what wellness programs should be offered based off the demographic of the property, and we are managing the facility in it's entiretyAt these properties we offer:

Personal Training, Fitness Classes, Fitness Seminars, Grocery Store Tours, Yoga, and much more...


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TLC Wellness

This wellness company has invited FXFit to speak at their "Brown Bag Luncheon" for the legislative employees here in Austin, TX.

We will be discussing several topics about personal training, including:
What is a personal trainer?
How do you know how to shop for a credible fitness professional?
What are good price ranges?
What should a trainer offer?
How does a personal training program work?
Why is the fitness industry a valuable investment?