FXFit Classes

FX CampsFXfit is a unique company. We are located ONLY in the Best luxury apartments in Texas, Arizona, and Denver. If you don’t live at our properties, you can still come to our classes or train with our personal trainers! Find a convenient location near you. We have over 12 locations in Texas and Arizona.



Our FXfit classes are located on Riverside, South Lamar, and The Domain for Austin, TX. We are located about 1 mile from the Alamo in downtown San Antonio. Finally, we are in Tempe, AZ next to the university. Please see our Contact Us page for directions and details.

For Austin, TX, come See our New Turf Area at the Domain in front of iPic. Free Yoga Monday and Wednesday at 7pm.

What to Expect:

Please see our "Detox/Retox" videos to get a rough idea of the style of our camps. We offer Yoga, Spin, Dance, H.I.I.T. and other Total Body classes. Students are asked to bring a mat, water, and towel. Payments are month to month (debit/credit/cash/check), but incentives are offered for longer commitments. Classes are 40-50min in length.

Class Descriptions:

Veloci-Core MedBall Training: Veloci-Up your core in this dynamic, high-velocity workout utilizing the Dynamax medicine ball, body-weight training, and whatever else Jeremy might come up with! This total-body, ab-defining workout will help you create a strong and powerful core in a safe and encouraging environment. All fitness levels are welcome.

Cycle Circuit: An authentic cycling experience where the instructor guides you through various terrain along with motivational music. You will be taken through various intensities with hill climbs, flat roads, and anaerobic intervals. You will also be taken through a series of total body exercises designed to tone and strengthen your muscles. All fitness levels welcome.

Physique H.I.I.T.: This class is sure to blast through those pounds and get you in shape in no time! Get a quick 30-40min workout in on your lunch hour and go back to work refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to take on the world. Great class to achieve strength, cardio, and muscle tone gains.

Total Body Blast: A class for a full body workout.  Circuit training, cardio and strength training are all incorporated. Great for those who want to tone, increase strength, and burn calories.

Zumba: Dance your way into fitness w/ this unique, fun, and effective exercise program featuring exotic rhythms set to high-energy International beats (Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia, Calypso, etc.) The best part? You don't have to be a dancer or professional. Anyone can have fun while dancing and exercising at the same time - Can't beat that!

Hatha Flow Yoga: This class will include Vinyasa flow warming the body up allowing for deeper, safer stretching. In this class we will focus not only on movement in meditation, but breathing, self awareness, and poses that work best for the body within each season. The tools acquired in this class can be applied to all other yoga practices, sports, and life in general. It is appropriate for beginners, seasoned yogis, as well as athletes looking to expand their knowledge of structural alignment while appreciating the silence within.

Pilates Flow: This is a total body workout that will challenge your core, balance, stability, and muscle endurance through a workout designed all about flexibility and focus. We will challenge you and revive you with this wonderful art of flexibility and strength.

Power 45: Core, Cardio, and More!! Increase strength and burn fat while improving metabolic conditioning. Outdoor when weather permits, this class will tone you and make you and your abs sweat off some fat. Strength and Endurance targeting. Perfect for all fitness levels.

FX Camps: A variance of functional exercises performed at an intensity level relative to each individual. This total body, core to extremity program will increase strength and burn fat while improving metabolic conditioning. 

Cardio Kettleboxing: Strength, cardio, endurance, power and flexibility by combining the kettlebells and kickboxing motions.

Partner Yoga (Acro-Yoga): Think about your old child-hood memories of playing airplane. This unique style of Yoga is fun, increases flexibility, strength, and balance. You do not need a partner to bring and it's perfect for all fitness levels.

Detox/Retox FREE BootCamp

FXFit and BlackFinn at The Domain put together an event called “Detox/Retox.” It’s a FREE boot camp followed by an exclusive healthy happy hour for the boot campers. It’s the first Thursday of every month. We meet at 6pm at the domain in Austin, TX.  Following the workout, BlackFinn holds an exclusive happy hour at 7pm with $6 skinny cocktails and healthier appetizers. We usually stick around and socialize until 9pm. It’s a great time!