Proven Results

We are proud of our proven results and so are our clients.



"I started attending FXfit classes just about two months ago. I have loved their classes mostly because of the quality and friendliness of the trainers. They are very knowledgeable and know that personal training is not just about the hour you put in with them, but also how you treat your body and what you eat. I've also noticed that they truly care about you as a person, not just as a client. If you're looking for personal training in the North Austin area I would highly recommend them."


"FXfit has done a great job. They are always ON IT!"

Sandy, Regional Property Manager with Mile-Stone


“FX Fit stays involved with our community, often attending events and interacting with our residents. Instructors are on time for their scheduled classes and we have nothing but positive reviews from people who attend their classes.”

Chad Beffort, Property Manager with Greystar

“We have 463 total units, FXFit trains more than 15% of our community.
We love the nutrition seminars they do for our property.

Trish Thacker, Business Manager with Lincoln Properties


Shawn and the team of FXFit Trainers are more than just an amenity to the Villages of the Domain. They have become an active part of the lives of the clients whom they serve. Shawn leads his crew to do more than just encourage exercise, reveal a better way of living and get clients fit.  He and his team genuinely care.  FXFit has become a resource for not just the community where he works, but the Domain and even Austin as a whole! We are blessed to have Shawn and his team improving the lives of those whom he serves in our community!

Keith Duble, Community Cares Team Director

After getting married, I put on a significant amount of weight -- I was up to about 225 (not muscle) and I am only 5', 8". Working with Shawn Martinez from mid-April, 2011, till now has allowed me to drop over 35 pounds and counting! FXFit is an awesome company, and I am excited about buying some new clothes soon!"

Dave Klivans


I started training with FXfit about 3 months ago and have lost 25lbs and 15 inches. -- This was something I never thought I could do, especially in 3 months. Since day one, they have had faith in me and have given me the encouragement and support I needed to change my life. Their passion and enthusiasm has made all the difference and has rubbed off on me. I never thought I would actually look forward to going to the gym. Ever. My life is just one of the many impacted by this team. Let it be an inspiration to you."

Molly Cronin

After 3 years I keep coming back to Shawn and FX Fitness because the motivation is a necessity. They keep track of how I can continue to be challenged during my workouts. After all these sessions, the workouts are still different. They kill me, but I know they care so much, so I don't mind.

Ara Webb, Client

I have struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember.  After having 2 kids I decided I want to be healthy & happy, feel good, and run & play with my kids without being exhausted.  I have found a way to make that change with the help of FXFit.  I found Claire & Shawn in July of 2011 and have seen significant changes to my body & health.  Claire introduced me to the Paleo way of eating.  I eat the right foods when I’m hungry and I stay full.  I workout 3 times a week with Claire and try to fit in cardio when I can on my own.  I'm down 24 pounds with more to go, more muscle to build and more fat to lose, but for the first time I feel that I can do this forever!

Natalie, Client